• 11/02/1979 12:00

    The Components of the New Numerology

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    Few people, if any, live a purposeless life. It only seems that way when you are stuck in a rut. The major premise of this system is that the distinct outcomes of your life occur as a result of the twists and turns that you experience in life. Some are easy to correlate. Others can seem quite baffling, but are part of the certain truth. Learning the new numerology is as simple as understanding the different components of this new numerology. It’s not hard.

    As Len Barry once sang:

    “1-2-3, oh, that’s how elementary it’s gonna be
    Like takin’ candy from a baby”

  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    Enter The Elements

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    We call these major distinct outcomes in your life your destinies. It helps to establish that you have a significant role in this destiny. The twists and turns that you experience in life are a result of events and objects with which you interact. Special attention must be paid to the chronologic sequence of the events.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    Enter The Numbers

    Numerology works with numbers. A mathematical based transformation that will assign numbers to these events and objects is necessary. The rules of the math transformation must be neutral and unbiased. They cannot favor the creation of one number over another number. I used the basic rules of numerology to quantify these elements and documented each and every rule. I enhanced them for the 21st century to focus them on destiny determination as opposed to personality statements.
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    In order to proceed with any type of analysis then, one must be able to quantify these elements. This can be learned best by examples. I was very fortunate that my destiny was easily represented by numbers. It doesn’t have to be a single number, but the numbers have to make sense and be convincing.
  • 11/02/1979 12:00

    Enter The Relationships

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    The only remaining task is to determine if the numbers associated with the events and objects match those of the destiny.