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    The Evidence

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    The previous two examples are not enough to show that I had a destiny with The World Trade Center and 9/11. A considerable amount of data and over 40 relationships are documented in this published work. The breadth and depth of the data, along with the numerical analysis has resulted in an overwhelming number of interconnections that gives confidence to the results. A number of new relationships were discovered during the production of the 15th Anniversary Edition. All of the evidence is based on events and objects. With such an overwhelming number of confirmed relationships, one can reach a conclusion concerning the question of fate versus predetermination in your destiny.
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    Bonus #1

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    These are a set of rules when using numerology to discover relationships between outcomes in your life (your destinies) and the events and objects which shaped your destiny. They are enhanced beyond the traditional rules of Pythagorus and others. Isn’t it about time we bring numerology into the 21st century?

    A special section has been added to the end of the 15th Anniversary Edition which details each and every numerology rule used.
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    Bonus #2

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    The print edition of this book, now very much out of date, was published in August of 2008. It was an effort to document a human interest story about my relationship to The World Trade Center and my first hand account of 9/11. Two years after publication I discovered what I now call the holy grail of relationships. A relationship so mystical that it will leave you bewildered. This was the driving force that caused me to publish the 15th Anniversary Edition in eBook format. It allowed me to use a well known and accepted math principle to determine the most important truth that we humans have ever sought to know - the existence of God. A new chapter, appropriately called The Missing Chapter, is now included in the 15th Anniversary Edition. If you can count, then you can understand this proof. As a numerologist, you may or may not be interested in this topic. From a numerology point of view, you can use this same math logic to add validity to your numerology results. From a theology point of view, the proof of existence of God by a simple math principle is a miracle. Two more and perhaps they will call me Saint Dickie some day. Numerology was used only as a unbiased generator of numbers.
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    Bonus #3

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    The question of why September 11th was chosen as the date of the attack has been a topic that has consumed much internet ink. At first, there was a general opinion that it was chosen to play a mind game with Americans as it matches our national hotline number. This was eventually dispelled by many. Attention was turned to the gates of Vienna theory. This is a dubious theory for many reasons, not the least of which is the fog on the internet as to the actual date associated with this event in 1683. It has been reported that Osama Bin Laden wanted the attack to occur earlier in the year, but that the mastermind of the 9/11 attack, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told him that would not be possible. If that is true, the gates of Vienna theory starts to fall apart. Like just about everyone else, I have no first hand knowledge on the conversations that took place and believe that whatever I read should be treated with caution. But that doesn’t mean that the truth cannot be ascertained.

    At this point of time, it is likely that the only one who really knows is KSM and I would be hard pressed to believe anything he said about the topic, whether it was while he was being tortured or not. It could very well be that he never told OBL either. However, this case study establishes beyond a reasonable doubt that September 11th was not by chance but by destiny. One way or another, it was going to be that day and year. The question now becomes not why he chose it but what made him choose it. The focus must be on KSM and his numerology in order to answer that question. Shhh, don’t tell the FBI or Special Agent Fordyce in particular. They and he are on record that the FBI doesn’t believe in using numerology to solve cases. But that doesn’t stop me. I have successfully used numerology to determine the reason and I included the analysis in the updated 15th Anniversary Edition. I have searched through the internet and cannot find this discovery documented anywhere. I must tell you that there is one small part of the analysis on this topic that I could not ascertain, but which is easily ascertained by those who have access to the formal information. However, I am otherwise certain with my analysis. Don’t be the last one on your block to know, nor the last one on earth.
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    The World Trade Center Stories: 15th Anniversary Edition

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    There is no better nor faster way to learn this new numerology than from a real life, first hand account case study. A comprehensive case study based on modern day events and objects.

    The print version of this book, now very much out of date, was an effort to document a human interest story about my relationship to The World Trade Center and my first hand account of 9/11. But it morphed into a proof of existence of God when I finally discovered the mother’s milk of relationships. A relationship so mystical that it will leave you bewildered. This drove me to write the 15th Anniversary Edition in eBook format. Numerology played a role in establishing relationships amongst The World Trade Center, 9/11 and myself. The book then morphed into a show and tell case study of how to use numerology to discover the link between events and objects in your life with your destinies. Not one, not two, but three books in one. Available at the iTunes book store. Usable on an iPad, a Mac or an iPhone. Read the stories. Understand the numerology. Apply it to your life or enhance your ability as a certified numerologist. Good luck.