• 11/02/1979 12:00

    Relationship Example Two

    As I was proof reading a book that was nearly finished, a rerun of the Improbable episode of the X-Files popped up on the television at 2 am on June 6, 2008. Talk about fate! I rarely watched this show. Too busy with life, until retirement. I needed some background distraction from the boring task of editing. It is a magnificent episode of how FBI agents Scully, Reyes and Doggett solved a case using numerology and got the bad guy, Mad Wayno, just in the nick of time. Burt Reynolds was masterful and Chris Carter wrote and directed that great episode. An episode which I believe will become the most impactful of his career. Special Agent Fordyce played the role of the skeptic, much like myself. Watch it when you have some time. Then suddenly, and without warning there was this total epiphany of my brain. Inspirational credit to Vicki Louise Burdick. I discovered that even more events and objects in my life were tied to my destiny. As I mapped the events and objects from my nearly finished book into numbers, I obtained an extreme correlation between them and my destiny. I added this to a chapter in the book, but decided not to infer much from it.

    And a shout out to Ernesto and Benito.
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    The whole thing that started me on this numerology kick was the X-Files episode known as Improbable. A little hard to believe that the date of the first airing of this episode, as well as when I first saw it over six years later are numerologically tied to this destiny. If you are still in disbelief, I just don’t know what to say other than watch the episode and then read the book.